An egg drop competition is an often overlooked, yet exciting activity to include in any science themed birthday party. The activity is super simple to set up and you will probably be amazed by the contraptions your birthday party guests build. This project can get a little messy, but the extra effort needed to clean up is well worth it as you watch the birthday party guests build and compete in this exciting egg drop birthday party event!

Your birthday party guests will love exploring science and making an egg drop contraption.


Eggs – have at least two eggs for each guest

Piece of blank paper and pencil for each guest

A ladder or elevated position from which to drop the eggs

An assortment of materials for the birthday party guests to use to build their egg drop contraptions.

Here are some suggestions:




Yarn – string

Paper cups


Rubber bands

Cotton balls


Packing peanuts


Encourage your science themed birthday party guests to try and walk on eggs.


You may want to amaze the guests with a quick activity before beginning the exciting egg drop competition. Set the eggs in their cartons side by side on a nice flat surface. Have the kids remove their socks and shoes and instruct them to slowly and gently walk across the top of the eggs. You will want to assist the birthday party guests as they walk across the eggs. Be sure to have extra eggs if you choose to include the egg walk as you occasionally have a few that get broken.

Once you are ready to move on to the egg drop building activity, place all the available building materials centralized on a table.

Allow the birthday party guest to inspect the materials.

Show the birthday party guests the ladder or elevated position from which an adult will be dropping the eggs. This will allow the guests to start thinking about how much padding their device will need to protect their egg.

Have each birthday party guest put their name on their paper and sketch out their idea for the egg drop contraption.

Next, allow the guests to start building their egg drop contraptions. You and other adults at the birthday party will want to walk around and assist. Allow plenty of time for the guests to interact and build their contraptions.

Add an egg in a spoon relay race to your science themed birthday party.

Once everyone has finished, have an adult drop each contraption, one at a time, from the elevated position. Encourage the guests to cheer each contraption. Take a quick moment to discuss why some contraptions allowed the eggs to break while other designs protected the eggs and kept them from breaking.


An exciting egg drop is not only a super simple and fun activity, but it really is a great addition to a science themed birthday party. Whether your science themed birthday party is focused on engineering to animals or anything thing in between, the exciting egg drop will have your birthday party guests creatively interacting and having fun as they participate in this activity.  

If you happen to have enough eggs remaining after the exciting egg drop competition, feel free to include an egg toss or an egg-in-a-spoon relay race to your science themed birthday party!