Ever wondered how a polar bear can survive in ice cold water and climates? This is a great activity for any animal themed science birthday party. It is super easy to perform and the lesson seems to resonate with birthday party guests. Follow the simple activity below and the guests at your next science themed birthday party will have a solid understanding of how polar bears stay warm in such cold regions.




Bowl full of ice water


Learn how a polar bear stays warm in icy conditions.



Have each guest stick their finger in the ice water. Count how many seconds they can stand it before they need to take it out.

Remove you finger and allow it to warm up.

Next cover the finger of each guest in a thick layer of shortening. Make sure no skin is exposed.

Now see how long they can keep their finger in the ice water.

The shortening represents the layer of blubber on a polar bear that keeps them warm.

Your science themed birthday party guests will be giggling and amazing by the ability to stay in the frigid water much longer than the first attempt.

Fun fact: Polar bears have black skin.