Every birthday party or science themed get together needs a tasty treat to keep those scientific brain waves flowing. This activity will show you how to make a super easy science treat by using a natural polymer in Jell-O. Have your guests wash their hands and get ready to use science to make a super easy and fun gummy candy. This activity is inexpensive, easy to perform, a ton of fun, and the supplies are easy to acquire.

Use Jell-O to make a super easy science treat for your next science themed birthday party.


Jell-O – Avoid the sugar-free varieties. You will need about two tablespoons of powdered Jell-O for each participant. It is advised to use the same flavor for the entire group to keep participants focused on the experiment and not which flavor they did or did not get.

Paper plate for each participant

Pipet for each participant - you can find these on Amazon

Cup for each participant


Plastic fork for each participant (optional)

The birthday party guests will enjoy using pipets for this birthday party experiment.


As mentioned earlier, have the participants wash their hands.

Have each participant sit at a table or at their desk if you are in a classroom setting.

Put a plate and pipet in front of each participant.

Now provide a cup of water for each participant.

Demonstrate placing the end of the pipet into the water, squeezing the bulb, releasing the bulb to suck up water, and then squirting the water back into the cup. Instruct the participants to practice using their pipets by having them suck up water and squirt it back into the cup ten times. Many participants have never used a pipet and these useful little tools give the activity a fun lab like feel.

Next, put about two tablespoons of Jell-O powder on each plate in a way that creates a little mountain.

Instruct the participants to use the pipet to put a drop of water near the top of the mountain of Jell-O powder. Have them add four more drops to different parts of their mountain.

After several moments, you can instruct the participants to use the end of their pipet to roll the newly formed gummy drops down the mountain and out of the pile of powder. The participants can then eat and enjoy their super easy science treat! Some hosts may choose to distribute a plastic fork to each participant to use to eat the gummy drop.

After each participant has made several gummy drops, the host can allow the participants to experiment and enjoy the activity. Encourage the participants to try things like adding several drops of water to one area to see what type of gummy drop can be created.

The super easy science treat is a fun and easy activity for your next science themed birthday party.

This super easy science treat is a great addition to any science themed birthday party. Your birthday party guests will have a great time playing with pipets while creating tasty little gummy drop candies. The gelatin in Jell-O is a natural polymer that in conjunction with sugar and water will swell as it absorbs water. Have fun experimenting, celebrating, and enjoying science!


Avoid getting different flavors of Jell-O as it could cause a little disruption and distraction among participants.